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Australia has one of the best fauna in the world, especially when it comes to birds. Especially if we are talking about a parrot since the Australian parrot is one of the most famous in the world.

Is much known about this bird?

The alisterus scapularis, or Australian parrot as is often commonly known, is endemic to the Australian mainland and has been introduced with great success in many parts of the world.

They usually live in humid forests in the high regions of the continent, such as eucalyptus forests, but they can also be seen in the jungles of tropical and subtropical areas.

A great bird, both in appearance and character

It is a bird that is undoubtedly one of the most appreciated by lovers of poultry farming. To begin with is its large size, which can be up to 43 cm long and about 600 grams in weight. Also, it presents a clear sexual dimorphism.

On the one hand, males have a redhead, chest, and lower body parts, with a blue stripe on the back of the neck, which separates the red from the blue on the back, the wings, and the tail. It also has a light band on the shoulders and the rump is also blue. The upper jaw is reddish-orange with a black tip, while the lower jaw is black with an orange base.

The females, for their part, have a totally green head and chest, keeping blue in some areas of their body, while their beak is gray and the band on their shoulders is somewhat smaller. When they are young, these birds have brown eyes and yellowish beaks, in addition to the color of the feathers similar to the females. The difference begins to be noticed after the first molt at one year of life.

It has a subspecies called Alisterus scapularis minor, which has a similar appearance to the nominal one but is smaller, around 5 cm less. On the other hand, there is a mutation that lacks melanin in their feathers, so they are orange or yellow.

And how can it be as a pet?

In Australia, it is not a bird that is intended for breeding in aviaries, but rather it is a companion animal since it is a silent bird and it has a fairly calm temperament. However, outside of Australia, they are used for breeding.

It is not violent at all, making it the ideal aviary companion for quieter bird species. Your aviary has to be square or rectangular, and it is much better if you live outside than inside the house. Although it does not give many problems if you want to have him loose for this.

Like the rest of the members of his family, his diet is made up of seeds, avoiding fats whenever possible, such as fruits and vegetables. These have to be always washed and fresh, to avoid having parasites.

For their reproduction, they must have a large cage. They usually lay about 5 eggs that are incubated by the female for about three weeks until the chicks hatch. Once they are born, it will take a month to be able to separate from their parents so that they live in a module with the rest of the chicks. Until they are three / four months old, you have to give them baby food.

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